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Here's what people are saying about Acupuncture of Eugene...

"Nothing less than amazing! I came to Janeen with excruciating pain in my back. This pain crawled up the side of my neck. I had been carrying this pain for 11 months, taking pain meds to be able to function. I have been seen by MD’s, DO’s, Neurologists. I have had Osteo manipulation, 8 weeks of Physical Therapy, X-rays, and an MRI to no avail. Second appt. with Janeen and my neck pain was gone. Sixth appt. no stabbing pain in my back. I do not take pain meds anymore! Highly gifted." ~ Helen B. "

"Coming from working within the mental health field while being surrounded by family members in the medical profession, I found it to be an oddly unique, yet refreshing experience to come to Janeen with an open mind to address all that I had presented to her. From chronic stomach and recent back issues, allergies, and stress from a build-up of emotional transitions, I appreciated coming to a place of healing from a holistic approach that Janeen provides. I have been grateful for the notable and significant improvements in my overall health and well-being. I feel "lighter" in what I carry with me. And as for Janeen, she is simply amazing. She brings a delightful yet calming presence. I ask her any question (which I often do) and she always has an answer. Whether with myself and with any of my close family, friends, and even my clients, I trust in her knowledge, experience, and the treatment she provides and have been grateful for her genuine and thoughtful care."     ~M.L.

"During the past year, I have been coming to Janeen Jones for acupuncture to relieve the chronic pain suffered from playing cowgirl for too many years. In addition, for 35 years my career required that the majority of my time be spent in front of a typewriter or computer. Janeen has been treating my neck, back, arm and hand pain and I am amazed how quickly the pain goes away.

I used to have numbness in my hand and sometimes in my foot and now that is gone..Each time I come into the office, Janeen assists me in the most caring, friendly and professional manner. I always feel better when the session is over. An added bonus is the stress relief I feel and the peace and calmness that stays with me for awhile.
I started feeling so much better physically that I increased the distance and intensity of my jogging/power walking workouts. I have nothing but good things to say about Janeen and her profession

Janeen is a great healer, and has a compassionate, warm and friendly personality. She has helped me over the years whenever I was in great need or extreme pain. She would heal me in just a few minutes. Her bedside manner is very professional, but caring. She also gets powerful results using her herbs, tuina and craniosacral skills. She is a practitioner that comes from the heart, and sincerely wants to help people.   ~Martin Woerner


I have had severe migraines and constant dizziness forever. I have seen more doctors, specialists and had more tests and tried more drugs than I can remember. Nothing helped, I was completely miserable. It would not be hyperbolic to say that Janeen completely changed my life. Not only did she help with my migraines and dizziness, but it seems she helped treat the underlying issues that were causing them and making it difficult for me to overcome them. I feel healthier, happier, more whole. She was also very accommodating of my schedule and generous with her time. ~ Bob X Akins

Janeen is awesome! So great at explaining how acupuncture works and what she can help you with. The treatments are so relaxing and have helped me with a variety of issues. Janeen is very caring and you can tell she is very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does ~ Melissa Giese

Janeen really cares about her clients. She is a great listener and a very dedicated and skilled practitioner. You will be in good hands with Janeen and I have no doubt she will help you in more ways than one. ~ Julie Sonam

Janeen is exceptionally knowledgable, talented, and passionate about what she does. She is very supportive and creates safe space for her patients. I had amazing improvements after just one session with her. Her treatments are unique and effective. As someone who is also interested in Chinese medicine, I tend to have many questions for its practitioners . And Janeen has been incredibly generous with her time, knowledge and expertise. I can't recommend her enough. ~ Shirin N.

Janeen is my favorite acupuncturist hands down! Both my boyfriend and I have been going to her for the past couple years now. I go to her primarily for stress relief but she has also helped with back pain, PMS, allergies and more. I recommend her to all of my friends. Not only is she great at what she does but she provides a comfortable and safe environment and has a great attitude. I highly recommend her! ~Sara S.

"Janeen's healing arts are a channel that opened some emotional and physical blockages that were interfering with my body's hormonal balancing act. Her treatments helped to release this stagnant energy but also improved my concentration in school and reduced my day-to-day anxiety. Thank you, Janeen, for listening to my story and bringing some awareness back to the neglected flows within my body." ~ Alese

"I have received treatments from Janeen Jones for many years. The combination of cranial sacral work with acupuncture improved my energy level, sleep quality and digestion as well as reduced pain levels when I had injuries and bad posture. Acupuncture also reduced my allergy symptoms (sinus headaches, congestion and sneezing). Even though I had a fear of acupuncture needles, Janeen's gentle yet highly effective approach helped me relax and reap the benefits of treatment. I highly recommend Janeen as a practitioner." ~ Mele Mar

"Your professional care and intuitive diagnoses have helped me achieve better health and balance. By using your outstanding listening skills and persistent attention to details, you have introduced me to new changes." ~ Belle M.

Janeen helped me through a frozen shoulder years ago. Now working on a Morton’s Neuroma on the foot. 2 treatments have seen significant progress. I look forward to resolving other issues with Janeen’s help. Great bed side manner! 

~ Tamara

Janeen is great! She is knowledgeable and very caring. The first visit with her was very extensive, with lots of questions about my health. ~ Josi B.

Acupuncture of Eugene is amazing. Janeen is an experienced Professional who does a thorough job of treating her clients. Whether it's chronic pain, an old injury or an acute condition Janeen can solve it all.
I leave each session feeling relaxed and blissful.   ~Erin White

Janeen is professional, warm and friendly. And she really knows her stuff. This was my first experience with acupuncture. My symptoms had shown significant improvement after my second visit. After 3 visits, I felt major relief. I highly recommend seeing Janeen for acupuncture! ~ Erin B.

Janeen is fantastic! I appreciate her flexible, online scheduling and really enjoy my appointments with her because she’s so knowledgeable and responsive. I’ve noticed an improvement in my well-being as a result of starting treatments with her; she has converted me into an acupuncture enthusiast! ~ Fatemeh Fakhraie

Janeen is outstanding! She is highly skilled and trained, and compassionate. Her treatments have improved my health steadily. She takes time to get to know her patients, and her acupuncture treatments are soothing and effective. She is an extremely talented and caring professional. I recommend her highly! ~ Susan A.

Janeen is an Amazing acupuncturist... she is very knowledgeable and caring!! Janeen has been instrumental in my journey to improved health. I highly recommend her!! ~ barbara tillery-gimarelli

She is very skilled and compassionate. My husband experienced amazing results for his back pain after the very first treatment! I can't recommend her highly enough! ~ Arin O.

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