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Phases of Treatment


There are three phases of treatment that assist you towards optimal health:


  1. Initial relief from acute pain and symptoms. This requires frequent visits, usually 2-5 times a week for the next few weeks or months.

  2. Maintenance care builds upon your previous successful acupuncture treatments and maintains and supports the improvements you have experienced this far. These treatments may vary from once a week to every other week.

  3. Optimal health is achieved in this phase of acupuncture treatments. You preserve the progress you have made in your health. Your visits can occur every month or seasonally, as tune-up treatments. Your path of care may be determined by your condition, age, life-style and the quality of your foundational energy. Speak to your practitioner about the details of your personal progress towards health.


You are encouraged to take an active role in your own healing process, and utilize the information and suggestions that are made in the course of treatments.

Thank you for including Acupuncture of Eugene on your path to wellness.

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